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It is necessary that the skin surface is clean, dry and free from any oils, creams, lotions, etc. You can eat any meal as you normally would as well as take any medication that you normally would. Please inform your doctor is you are on blood thinners of any sort.

Your hair must be clean and free of sprays, oils, creams, lotions, braids and other hair preparations. Shampoo your hair and rinse with clear water the evening before or the morning of the test. Do not apply any hair conditioners or oils after shampooing. It is important to avoid foods that contain caffeine (such as coffee, tea, cola, and chocolate) for at least 8 hours before the test. Eat a small meal shortly before the test, because low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) may produce an abnormal test. No alcohol for 24 hours prior to the test.  You should continue to take all medications unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.